Beginner, intermediate, or advanced?

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How much chant experience do you have? Are you a beginner, an intermediate, or an advanced singer of chant? The following information can help you decide.


This track is intended for real chant beginners—both those who can read modern notation and those with no musical training. Participants will learn how to read the four-line staff, the names of the neumes, and how to navigate intervals with solfege. Experienced singers may wish to participate in this track to learn how to teach beginners.


This track offers continued study in Gregorian chant and is intended for those who have had some background in chant but do not sing chant on a regular basis.


This track is intended for proficient and advanced singers who sing chant regularly. Advanced singers should be experienced in singing from the Graduale Romanum or the Gregorian Missal. See an example below.